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When you plan to use ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING EOUIPMENT, you must consider your COMPRESSED AIR SUPPLY f-i-r-s-t!

RULE #1: The AIR COMPRESSOR is the MOST important component of the entire BLAST CLEANING SYSTEM.

The capacity of your AIR COMPRESSOR, stated in CUBIC FEET PER MINUTE (CFM), a-n-d the delivery pressure, stated in POUNDS PER SOUARE INCH (PSl), will determine the proper size of ALL the other components, the production rate AND the efficiency of the entire ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING SYSTEM.

RULE #2: The production rate, efficiency and c-o-s-t per square foot of BLAST CLEANED surface is in direct proportion to the VOLUME (CFM) a-n-d PRESSURE (PSl) of compressed air maintained through the BLAST NOZZLE.

Blast One International is a specialist supplier to the blast cleaning and protective coating industries, and has been so for the past 35 years. There are many factors you need to take into account when sourcing for a sand-blasting supplier and purchasing abrasive blasting equipment. The top tips are outlined below.

Blast One International has been a specialist supplier to the blast cleaning and protective coating industries globally for over 35 years. We provide a wide range of quality items making us the top supplier of the most comprehensive stock of sandblasting products around. Outlined below are some of Blast One’s innovative corrosion control equipment and parts range.

When it comes to surface preparation, utilising a quality blasting abrasive such as garnet is key to ensuring that the finish of the coating you apply will not only look good but last. Without proper surface preparation, you could end up painting over a contaminated surface which compromises the quality of the coating result.

No matter what industry you are in, surface preparation is imperative to ensure the integrity of the coating you eventually apply and to ensure you get the longevity you are looking for. In essence, surface preparation is the most important part of any coating system. The reason for this is that it directly affects the performance of any coating you plan to apply to the surface more than any other variable in the corrosion control process.

Painting professionals know that in painting large areas, such as bridges and steel structures it can be time-consuming and inefficient using manual brushes or paint rollers. Additionally, the quality of the resulting finish may not be as good as required. When speed of application is important yet quality is of the essence, BlastOne International's airless paint sprayer is perfect for the job, as it allows for the application of paint extremely quickly and efficiently, yet without neglecting work quality.

With emerging trends in environmental protection and preservation, stricter rules for air pollution control have been set for construction and maintenance sites, particularly where abrasive blasting is concerned. This is largely because materials that were used to construct older structures may contain components that are hazardous to the surroundings and harmful to humans if inhaled. These particles may be transmitted in the air during the process of sandblasting, and for this reason, containment structures and air-filtration systems have become a requirement on work sites. Dust collectors are important parts of these systems, as they collect dust and other airborne pollutants, creating a safe environment for the workers and associated trades.

As with any job, undertaking work as a sandblasting equipment operator comes with its share of safety risks. Abrasive blasting or sandblasting is a process used to clean and prepare a surface using particles of abrasive such as garnet, propelled by a stream of compressed air. The blasting process is used to clean surfaces of metal such as steel from corrosion, old paint coatings, mill scale or contaminants.

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