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Reduce the water content in the air with a Dehumidifier

Dehumidification is not about just heating the air or reducing the relative humidity(also known as 'RH')

If you just heat, a lower RH will enable the air to hold more water before saturation, ie. no water is actually removed.

Dehumidification effectively reduces the actual water content by drying the air.

The dry air displaces the air that contains water.

Dehumidification Unit

Surface Preparation

During Abrasive Blasting and immediately after, the RH is a critical factor, as the substrate surface becomes vulnerable to corrosion such as flash rusting. The electolyte in atmospheric corrosion is usually the water in the air.

Introducing Dehumidifield Air into an enclosed work area will reduce the RH significantly. If the humidity is reduced to below 50% RH, you can effectively 'hold the blast' on uncoated, blasted steel fordays - sometimes weeks!

This will have a huge impact on a production cycle- Imagine being able to blast non-stop for a week before having to stop, clean up and paint!


Dehumidifiers can be used in construction and can save time and money. Times for curing of concrete floors and walls prior to painting etc can be drastically reduced, so too the drying time of the paint. Bad wet weather conditions need not affect your schedule for indoor or undercover work with dehumidifier.


A dehumidifier can be effectively used near equipment such as boilers during maintenance. Vulnerable corrosion, such pieces of equipment can be protected by dry air during scheduled maintenance.

Power it with Propane

If you choose to operate the dehumidifier's heaters on Propane instead of electricity, your cost can be reduced by $000's per month! The motors and controls are electrically operated, but the bulk of energy required to operate the Dehumidifier is consumed by heaters. Electricity cost are very high compared with cost of Propane.

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(Below) Simplified diagram - Desiccant Dehumidifier operating principle.

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