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What is Robotic Blasting?

For some time now the engineering and manufacturing industries have moved away from manual labor and started to implement the technology of robotics. This shift to robotic automation has been chiefly driven by a need to lower overhead cost and to improve safety of personnel.

With few willing to take up the challenge of blasting as a career and with the dangers inherent with working in a blasting facility the implementation of robotics greatly improves productivity and site safety.

Key Benefits of the Blastman Robotic Systems


Cost savings are achieved by the implementation of more efficient use of labor.

Productivity easily more than doubles when an operator controls the process automatically rather than manually blasting. This substantially reduces the finished cost of blasting.


A major benefit of robotics for the abrasive blasting industry is an improvement to quality.

With the tirelessness of a robotic blaster you can be assured that quality levels will remain consistent through the blast. With an inability to suffer from fatigue or distraction the blast can be complete to the same level and in a shorter time-frame than the conventional blaster.


One key benefit is the ease of use.

Considerable research and development has gone into the design of the control system to ensure that only low levels of programming skills are required for successful use.


Robotics are reliable.

30 years of design, building and maintaining robotic abrasive blasting facilities has given Blastman the opportunity to develop systems that have the necessary durability to provide an excellent ROI. While placing computer controls in an abrasive blasting chamber would not normally be done, Blastman, however, has developed componentry that will meet the durability requirements of the aggressive environment inside a blast chamber.


Support 24 hours 7 days a week.

As an additional benefit of a Blastman system, factory support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, utilizing remote log in capabilities to facilitate this support. Consequently Blastman’s engineers are able to ensure that your robotics blasting facility is able to maintain continuous production.

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