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Blasting with ARMEX™ bi-carb soda

Bi Carb Soda Blasting - Rental EquipmentWhy Blast with Bi-carb Soda?

Bi-carb Soda is a relatively soft and friable media. Upon striking the work surface, the media crystals quickly disintegrate without damaging or distorting most substrates. Bi-carb Soda can be used to clean and depaint almost any substrate, including sensitive components such as hard anodized aluminium, composite plastics, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, glass and natural or synthetic rubber. In one simple step, carbon, grease, oil, graffiti and paint can be removed from delicate parts or stonework.

A new way to clean, depaint & degrease

The use of non-toxic, water soluble ARMEX™ Bi-carb Soda as a depainting and cleaning media, is relatively new. Delivered under pressure using compressed air and Accustrip™ soda blasting equipment, this environmentally friendly system is ideal for industrial cleaning, architectural cleaning, graffiti removal, one step clean and deodorising after fire and smoke damage, paint removal and food processing area cleaning.

Bi-carb Soda Cleaning works on impact, not through a chemical reaction, such that the baking soda physically removes coatings and soiling from the substrate.

Accustrip™ Blasting Systems

The Accustrip™ Blasting Systems have been specifically developed for use with ARMEX™ Bicarb media. These portable systems permit the user to independently select pressures and flow rates. Nozzle selections are made to optimise production rates, taking into consideration the application and ARMEX™ formulation to be used.

A selection of nozzles is available for applications ranging from stripping delicate substrates and cleaning applications, to paint stripping and corrosion removal. All nozzle configurations can introduce a dust-suppressing waterstream if required.

Accustrip Blasting Systems - Rental Equipment

Accustrip™ System Specifications

Model Volume Size Media Capacity Blast Pressure Piping System Height Length Width Function
  cu ft kg psi mm mm mm mm  
M11 1.0 23 30 - 90 20 1090 635 460 Spot cleaning, small projects
M21 2.0 45 30 - 90 38 1530 660 660 Mobile performance cleaning
M31 3.0 91 10 - 125 38 1530 1020 915 Performance cleaning of large stationery objects

Each Accustrip system includes

  • Lid and Screen
  • Thompson II Abrasive Control Valve with clean-out port
  • Central media/performance control panel
  • Inlet airline–moisture separator
  • 20 metre blast & water hose and twinline control hose
  • Patented Differential Pressure Control with bypas control for hard abrasive blasting.

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