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Reactor High-Performance Proportioning System

The Reactor is a state-of-the-art plural component proportioning system that gives superior performance, control and accuracy. It is designed to apply polyurea, foam and other fast set materials that require accurate temperatures and pressures necessary for ultimate coating results.

Use Reactor for

  • Concrete, Tank/pipe coating, Waterproofing,
  • Wastewater treatment, Manhole/sewer reconditioning, Bedliners, Insulating, Rail manufacturing and repair, Secondary containment
  • Roof coating, Inplant OEM, Adhesives and caulks, Industrial maintenance

Advanced features for high performance results

  • Easy to use and dependable for increased productivity
  • Accurate heating with precise temperature sensing
  • System controls with diagnostics, auto-shutdown and job data reporting
  • Portable, wheeled cart allows you to get closer to the job and takes up less trailer space
Reactor High-Performance Proportioning System
Fusion AP Air Purge Gun

Fusion (AP) Air Purge Gun

  • Easiest gun to use on the market!
  • Less maintenance- fewer parts
  • Long Life hardened SS components
Fusion MP Mechanical Purge Gun

Fusion (MP) Mechanical Purge Gun

  • Best Mix on the market!
  • Smoother finish / better atomization

E-XP1 X-P2 A-XP2 H-XP3
Maximum Pressure 2500psi 3500psi 3000psi 3000psi
Flow Rate / min. 3.8L 7.6L 7.6L 11.4L
Heater capacity 10200W 15300W 10200W 15300W

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