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Give your old sprayer a new lease of life ... with a retrofit Xtreme Lower

  • Improved performance - higher pressure 45:1, 56:1, 68:1 and 80:1 ratios
  • Reduced solvent usage - quicker and easier to flush
  • Extended life component
  • Fast, Simplified servicing
  • Retrofit an Xtreme Pump Lower to an existing old-style King or Bulldog Air Motor
  • Order the following components:
    • Xtreme Pump Lower
    • Pump Connection Kit
    • Quick KnockOff Suction Hose Assembly Kit
    • New Gun and Hose - if upgrading pressure rating
  • Connection kit includes pump mounting tie-rods, air motor rod adaptor and quick disconnect coupler
  • Suction Hose Assembly Kit includes pump inlet elbow, hose adaptor nipple, Quick KnockOff suction hose and siphon tube
  • Also available without builtin filter

Product Specifications

Part# Description
GR 244-849 Xtreme Connection Kit (For King and Bulldog Air Motors)
GR 245-176 Xtreme Pump Suction Kit
GR L115C2 Xtreme 115cc Lower with Built-in Filter
GR L145C2 Xtreme 145cc Lower with Built-in Filter
GR L180C2 Xtreme 180cc Lower with Built-in Filter
GR L220C2 Xtreme 220cc Lower with Built-in Filter
GR L250C2 Xtreme 250cc Lower with Built-in Filter

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