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Blast-One Airless Spray Painting Equipment is built for extreme conditions. The Blast-One SprayMaster packages are customized and engineered to suit your specific application – packed with the power and flow capacity to spray almost any heavy industrial coating.
These Spray Systems feature NXT™ Air Powered Motors to powerfully drive the pump, and Xtreme™ Pump Lowers to cope with extreme conditions.

A Blast-One NXT Machine will easily spray:

  • Medium to Ultra-high viscosity coatings
  • Plural component coatings
  • High build, high solids epoxy primers and coatings
  • High build, high solids Polyurethane top coatings
  • Waterborne coatings
  • Fire retardant coatings
  • Range of sizes and ratios are available – call your Blast-One dealer for advice on which machine best suits your application.

Airless Sprayers - Spraymaster - Paint Application EquipmentSpray Master  - Paint Application Equipment


NXT 45:1 60:1 70:1 80:1
Pressure Rating 4500psi 6500psi 7000psi 7250psi
Flow Rating @ 60 cycles/min 15.2 Litres 12.9 Litres 11.0 Litres 8.7 Litres

Blast-One Spraymaster Features

NXT Air Motor

  • Upgraded from 10,000,000 cycles to over 20,000,000 cycles in testing applications without service or repair.
  • Doesn't ice up! - unique de-icing feature
  • Ultra quiet version

Xtreme Pump Section

  • You can pull this pump down with a hammer and a screwdriver!‘Quick knock-down' means you can completely service this unit with no special tools.
  • Smoother and larger porting eliminates restrictions, allowing more pressure to atomise tough coatings.
  • Adjustable ball travel accommodates thin and extremely heavy coatings and helps eliminate ‘fingering' at stroke changeover.
  • Re-engineered fluid passages ensure that ‘dead-spots' are minimised and allows flushing time to be reduced, and decreases the amount of thinners necessary to clean the pump.
  • ‘Plastmacote' Rod is a patented hardening process to triple Rod life and withstands abrasive paints.
  • Quick release rod connections lets you disconnect the rod in seconds!
  • Pump cylinder uses an incredible hand-tite technology - you can remove the cylinder with NO TOOLS.
  • Quick knock-off suction hose allows fast, easy hose removal, without special tools - just a hammer!
  • Built ‘in Filter improves fluid flows and lets you flush and clean up with half the solvent.
  • Easily removable filter cap lets you inspect the filter quickly.

Heavy Duty Cart

  • Strong steel construction - for extreme conditions.
  • Large semi-pneumatic tyres never go flat - and have a quality bearing to let it keep turning even after years of use.
  • Strong lifting handles let you take it to site easily.

Product Specifications

Part# Description
GM X45DH1 Xtreme 45:1 NXT Airless Spray Machine with DataTrak™
GM X60DH1 Xtreme 60:1 NXT Airless Spray Machine with DataTrak™
GM X70DH1 Xtreme 70:1 NXT Airless Spray Machine with DataTrak™
GM X90DH1 Xtreme 90:1 NXT Airless Spray Machine with DataTrak™