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Specialist suppliers to
the Blast Cleaning &
Coating Industry

Blast-One supply Abrasive Sand Blasting and Painting Equipment for Surface Preparation and Application of Protective Coatings in many different industries - including Oil & Gas Refineries, Mining Sites, Water / Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Shipyards and Lead Bridge Projects.

Blast-One have a substantial range of equipment to suit any site job. The right equipment and advice will save you substantial time and money, which is critical on site projects where production is key to being successful. Blast-One site equipment is designed for high performance and low running costs.

The Air-powered Vacuload™ Vacuum Equipment have been tailor designed for site blasting - simply use your existing compressor once you have finished blasting, and you can vacuum up to 12 tonnes per hour of garnet! Diesel or electric powered units are also available, depending on site requirements. Blast-One Dust Collectors are designed for the toughest conditions - lead paint removal, long lengths of duct and tight space restrictions.

Blast-One equipment is the "Contractor's Choice" in the industry for high performance and lowest running costs.

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