4-Claw Crowsfoot Threaded Quick Connect Air Fittings
  • Used to connect Bull Hose to Pot, Compressor, etc
  • Rated 150 psi
  • Supplied with FM CFG Gasket Fitted
  • Use HF CLP-2 Lock Pins - not included

Product Specifications

FMCF38TM4-Claw Crowsfoot 1-1/2'' (38mm) NPT Male Thread
FMCF38TF4-Claw Crowsfoot 1-1/2'' (38mm) NPT Female Thread
FMCF50TM4-Claw Crowsfoot 2" (50mm) NPT Male Thread
FMCF50TF4-Claw Crowsfoot 2" (50mm) NPT Female Thread