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Hose - Blasting and CleaningBuilt to take the rigours of contracting

Blast-One Premium Blast Hose is specially built to exacting specifications for long wear-life and extra flexibility under your demanding job conditions. This High Quality Blast Hose is manufactured with a special natural gum rubber liner which dissipates static electricity generated by abrasive moving down the hose. You’ll find this very long lasting, yet a flexible hose. Available in 2 styles in several sizes.

Blast-One Superflex Blast Hose is a lightweight, highly flexible Premium hose often used for whip hoses or where a lot of hose movement is required.

Blast-One Premium Heavy Wall Blast Hose is a Heavy Duty, thick walled Blast hose often used for extension hoses on projects when long lengths are required from Blast machine to nozzle.

Couplings - Blasting and CleaningBlast Hose Couplings

Blast-One Blast hose Quick Connect Couplings are the most convenient method to join Blast hoses together and to connect onto Blast machine. Available in several styles.

Safety Cables

Blast-One recommend safety whip restraints are fitted to all Airhose and Blast hose couplings in case of accidental disconnection.

Nozzle Holders - Blasting and CleaningNozzle Holders

Blast-One Nozzle holders are designed to enable easy removal of Blastnozzles for inspection and maintenance.


Supersonic Blast Nozzles for Boosted Productivity!

Blast Nozzles - Blasting and Cleaning

Blast Nozzles

For maximum performance, put a Blast-One Supersonic Blast Nozzle at the business end of your hose! The Venturi design accelerates the abrasive particles and gives a larger, more even blast coverage for boosted productivity.

Experienced operators recommend the Blast-One Ultra-Tuff™ SiNi II nozzles for best value for money in contract blasting operations.


The Outstanding Properties of Ultra-Tuff™ Nozzles

The Blast-One Ultra-Tuff™ Blast Nozzle is made with a SiNi II grade Silicon Nitride Liner that will outlast Silicon and Tungsten Carbide nozzles. The tough polyurethane jacket cushions the liner from misuse and tough job site conditions. Using Garnet, these nozzles will last for over 500 hours!



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