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Customer Testimonials

"After your training, our team are doing such a good job of maintenance, that we now only have to do it every 2 or 3 years, instead of every 6 months. And we use 1/3 the abrasive when we do it, too! WOW!"

Grain Handling Facility
Regional NSW - 08/01/14

"I would like to say how impressed I am with the service provided by Blast-One especially Adrian Grace. The technical support is second to none. A phone call from one of our Blaster/painters with a problem is solved immediately and the correct parts if needed are dispatched straight away and Adrian follows up to ensure the part has arrived and the problem solved. I cannot express how important this is as we only have one blast unit on this site. Down time not only means that the painting work stops but could also mean that weld repairs, complating etc will be effected as our standard of welding needs a clean surface.
Thanks Adrian for your support."


"Congratulations on your simple yet effective illustration of the application of ISO 8502-3. Many contractor QC don't know how to do this test properly particularly the need to make three strokes and the correct duration. I work for BP at the Hyundai offshore yard in South Korea and I am regularly having to refresh on dust and all other fundamental surface prep testing."

UK North Sea

“My Abrasive consumption halved when BlastOne installed an AirPrep Drier and switched to Australian Garnet.
My 600 pound pot now runs for nearly 2 hours without stopping! As a bonus my air pressure improved by 14psi”

Metal Cleaners

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